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Identify goals, learn new skills toward relief and
loving connection.

Our Services

Our coaching services are customized to best meet the needs of you and your loved one’s unique situation.

  • We are here in support of both of you
  • We listen with compassionate patience and understanding
  • We raise awareness of well-intended yet unsuccessful ways of engaging
  • We engage with gently creative tips, techniques to help you
  • We create a map for more ease in specific Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • We support you both based on years of diverse dementia training and direct experience

We work together to restore the caregivers personal reserves and capacity to lovingly and patiently engage. This comes by first acknowledging the depth of physical, emotional and mental challenges faced when a loved one has dementia. We create space for each person in the relationship to be as healthy as possible, experiencing moments of joy and retaining the love and connection of the shared lifetime.

We have found that allowing someone anywhere along the dementia spectrum the time and opportunity to engage as they are able is an honor and delight like no other. We create this by giving them the attention and presence to truly be seen as they are in the moment. We meet them in their reality ~ and in doing this we reduce the struggles which lead to care partners exhaustion. With small adjustments to everyday activities and thinking we, the care partners, have the ability to truly honor the person we support.

By increasing sense of purpose and identity, we enhance their quality of life, all the while creating a more manageable environment and flexible atmosphere from which to handle the myriad Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) required. In approaching these days with knowledge and kindness, we support both our loved ones and ourselves during this challenging time.

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Initial Session

An initial in-home visit is our opportunity to get to know one another, and typically runs 1-2 hours. Through engaging in a typically daily activity, you and your loved one get to know me, and I’ll begin to map opportunities to enhance ease and connection for your daily living together. We will begin looking at how to interact with your loved one in ways that create more success and moments of connection for both of you.

Pricing: $125.00 per hour
Location: Client’s Home

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Skills Session

These support days focus on specific care partnering challenges. A compassionate, creative and skillful coach will observe then practice new skills with you which will ease daily living.

With a skillful and compassionate second person with you for a day you can get some relief, be heard, share what successes you’ve found and what challenges you most, and maybe even sit down for a bit. While there, we will be observing and trying out engagement options and sensory stimulation, building a personalized plan for moving forward. Through music, scent, touch and other modalities, we will provide new options for increasing positive behaviors and mitigating difficult times. We will also provide the caregiver(s) with a personalized plan for certain daily activities (typically called ADLs or activities of daily living) and how to make them easier by increasing willingness through understanding, and learning to move through necessary activities more agreeably.

Many of our well-intended actions may also trigger someone with dementia in ways we do not realize at first. Our compassionate second set of eyes will help identify small refinements a care partner can make in order to increase understanding, leading to easier cooperation and providing comfort to their loved one.

Pricing: $125.00 per hour, $25 discount per hour above 4 (per session)
Location: Client’s Home

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Workshops & Classes

We will personalize an interactive learning session for your group – personal, professional or community. If you have been navigating dementia caregiving for minutes or years, we can meet you where you are and together enhance opportunities for enjoyable moments of connection, ease of ADLs and the vital piece – self-care to enable the difficult work to be done from a place of love, empathy and kindness toward ourselves and our loved ones.

Pricing: Varies
Location: Client’s Home, Workplace, Community Center or other venue

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