Too much of a good thing: avoiding polypharmacy

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You probably already know that mixing medications without the careful supervision of a healthcare provider can cause serious health problems. Did you know there is a word for this? It’s called “polypharmacy” - and its symptoms are often confused with the conditions being treated, or even normal aging. Because the average older adult takes 4 medications daily, it’s especially important to keep an eye out if you or your loved ones are in this [...]

Answers for Elders Podcast Interview: tips and reflections from Annie on cognitive decline

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Jacobsen Dementia Care Coaching was recently featured in an interview on Answers for Elders Radio – check it out! These audio segments include reflections on family dynamics as a loved one experiences cognitive decline, as well as useful, practical tips for family members and care partners. For example, language is often one of the earliest areas of decline. One simple way that care partners can compassionately support their loved one is to ask: “When you’re [...]

Hidden gems at your local library

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As the long nights of winter draw nearer, one of my favorite seasonal comforts is curling up with a mug of tea and a fuzzy blanket, and picking up an engrossing novel from the stack of books that I picked up on my latest trip to my local public library. Libraries are a fantastic resource for this reason alone - hours and hours of cozy winter entertainment, all for free with your library card. [...]

Setting a place for dementia at your holiday table

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As we step in to the holidays many of us will be spending time with our various inherited, adopted and chosen families. While there can be much joy during these times, there can also be challenges. Today I want to share some tips for more joy and ease at holiday gatherings, and a few especially for including loved family members with dementia in your upcoming gatherings. First off ~ please remember we are all [...]