Get in the Lifeboat: An Online Summit for Dementia Caregivers, Nov. 11-22, 2019

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Caring for someone you love with dementia can leave you feeling lost at sea. You're struggling to navigate so much change, riding waves of guilt, grief, sadness, and confusion, drowning in overwhelm, and so often doing it all on your own...but it doesn't have to be this way. Join me for two weeks of informative lectures and presentations given by leading speakers and experts on dementia from across the country! I’ll be a featured speaker [...]

Answers for Elders Podcast Interview: tips and reflections from Annie on cognitive decline

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Jacobsen Dementia Care Coaching was recently featured in an interview on Answers for Elders Radio – check it out! These audio segments include reflections on family dynamics as a loved one experiences cognitive decline, as well as useful, practical tips for family members and care partners. For example, language is often one of the earliest areas of decline. One simple way that care partners can compassionately support their loved one is to ask: “When you’re [...]

From the Washington Post: “Changing ‘the tragedy narrative’: Why a growing camp is promoting a more joyful approach to Alzheimer’s”

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Joy, moments of play, possibilities, connections. These are all words I’m inclined to use when speaking with people about my work in dementia coaching - yet I typically hesitate, with a caution of appearing Pollyanna or overly simplistic. However, once I get to really speaking with people about my enjoyment of the work I do, and why I love working with this population, people see my genuine optimism, my creativity, my hope for better quality [...]

Dementia. Alzheimer’s. Brain change. What means what?

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Dementia. Alzheimer's. Brain Change. Cognitive Decline.   As I get out to the networking circuit ~ (BNI and LeTip business networking meetings, workshops, educational fairs, etc.) ~ with information on my new business, I learned that I am using in-industry language, as much as I try and be aware and to not do this. I have tended to use the word dementia rather than Alzheimer's very intentionally. And, I am so grateful for an [...]

Hidden gems at your local library

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As the long nights of winter draw nearer, one of my favorite seasonal comforts is curling up with a mug of tea and a fuzzy blanket, and picking up an engrossing novel from the stack of books that I picked up on my latest trip to my local public library. Libraries are a fantastic resource for this reason alone - hours and hours of cozy winter entertainment, all for free with your library card. [...]