Answers for Elders Podcast Interview: tips and reflections from Annie on cognitive decline

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Jacobsen Dementia Care Coaching was recently featured in an interview on Answers for Elders Radio – check it out! These audio segments include reflections on family dynamics as a loved one experiences cognitive decline, as well as useful, practical tips for family members and care partners. For example, language is often one of the earliest areas of decline. One simple way that care partners can compassionately support their loved one is to ask: “When you’re having difficulty finding the right word, do you want me to chime in, or do you want me to wait for you?” The answer is totally a matter of the individual’s personal preference – and it can open the door to more positive interactions. There are also concrete ideas for how families can respond to changes in vision, touch, hearing, and even taste.

Take a listen for more of our tips on creating positive experiences for families, care partners, and their loved ones with dementia. And a big thank you to our valued industry friend, Care Partners Living, for choosing to feature JDCC on their air time!

Annie Jacobsen – Answers for Elders Radio Interview, Part 1: Using the 5 Senses


Annie Jacobsen – Answers for Elders Radio Interview, Part 2: Communication & Families


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